Molecule Spinnaker Souls Cargo Pants

Molecule Spinnaker Souls Cargo Pants

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We know Molecule's Cargos are ideal on the beach, but these babies are made to taste the salt air. With Molecule's Spinnaker Soul's thick cotton bottom ties, pop-fastened back and cargo pockets, double stitching, and thick cotton waist ties, you'll be hankering to spill a sail on the sloop and wave to the babes on the beach. Now, that's tight! These come with the Molecule logo on a patch on the right cargo pocket flap, a Molecule logo brass button, our special 'worn/friendly-fray' pocket edges, and a small hidden pocket on the outside waist beltline.
  • Functional, Multiple, Big Pockets
  • Machine Washable, Tumble dry Friendly
  • Double stiched seams for strength
  • Hidden external pocket for safety
  • Button-close bellow cargo pockets - durable and strong
  • Classic Molecule Logo
  • Thick Cotton Internal Waist Adjusting Cords
  • Leg-bottom tie : pop-button style
  • Brass logo button
  • Strong metal zip fly, with fabric comfort-pull-extra-flap
These also have a unique zipper system, with a large flap which fastens with a button behind the zip, sort of like a 'double-secure' entry system! We like to call it the Molecule Anti-Flash Flap – even if your main button comes undone, you are still protected from publicising parts that should probably stay private!
  • S
    • Waist 31"
    • Flatbelt 16"
    • Outseam 42"
    • Inseam 33"
  • M
    • Waist 33"
    • Flatbelt 17"
    • Outseam 44"
    • Inseam 33"
  • L
    • Waist 35"
    • Flatbelt 18"
    • Outseam 45"
    • Inseam 34"
  • L
    • Waist 39"
    • Flatbelt 20"
    • Outseam 45"
    • Inseam 34"
  •   C5 - Euro Woodland Camo
  •   C6 - Afro Camo
  • 49022Product ID#
  • Heavy cotton
    Camo patterns are slightly heavier
  • BaggyFit
  • Men's / UnisexCut
  • MoleculeBranding
  • 1 kgApprox weight

Customer Reviews

Molecule Spinnaker Souls Cargo PantsDo you own this? Help others by reviewing it

It’s fair to say that the majority of our clothing is made in other countries these days. People are well aware that countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc are the major exporters of clothing to many big name stores around the world.

Regardless of this though, it’s an interesting experience when you tell people about Molecule, a clothing company that happily admits that not only does their clothing come from Thailand, but that they’re actually based there as well.

The initial reaction is one of reluctance to trust the quality of the product which is an interesting outlook on the situation when you consider that your Next or Gap clothing is probably made a few miles down the road from where Molecule are based.

Molecule however are a quite successful brand in their neck of the woods and cater to the type of person that likes to relax in favourable climates, as can be seen by their catalogue of cargo pants, shorts and t-shirts.

Whilst the UK isn’t really suited at this time of year for any shorts or t-shirts, the cargo pants are an excellent option for those that like their outdoor pursuits, but may also be suited more to the private security individual who needs a robust pair of cargo pants.

The Spinnaker Soul version we’re looking at here is orientated in style and design more to general and casual use, although it’s incredibly robust and very well suited to outdoor walks as has been proven on numerous occasions since we received them.

Made from heavy cotton, they’re thick and thus good insulators. Considering it’s currently minus 3 Celsius right now, these have been my go-to trousers for rocking about, and several long walks through a large country park have proven them to be comfortable and free from chaffing or other issues.

They’re a baggy fit and I’m 6ft, and they are a bit longer in the leg than a normal fit, so they sit just above the heel of the foot with the shoe on, or will come under the heel if you’re barefoot.

The pockets are of a good size and deep, and there’s another hidden one on the waistline. The waist ties are nice and thick and it’s overall really very comfortable to wear.

They have a ‘worn’ look about them, as is the fashion these days, with slightly rugged edges around the pockets as if to give the impression of heavy use and they’re available in ten different colours, some of which are camouflage designs. The pair I have are brown, and I’ll be honest, they’re a bit of an acquired taste as it’s giving me flash backs to the 80’s of brown and beige colours, but I got over it soon enough.

The product is advertised as ‘global traveller chic’ and the Director of the company, a Jim Davies, is an incredibly down-to-earth chap who’s more than happy to chat about the product and is firm in the stance that he has a good product, well designed and well suited to someone that finds themselves requiring robust but relaxing clothing.

Shipping time, you’re looking at about a week or so as they’re coming from Thailand as mentioned.

Overall? Good quality, very robust and surprisingly comfortable to wear. They’re keeping me warm right now and so I can’t complain!

The only thing I do have concerns about is the price - it's not hard to pick up cheap and cheerful cargo pants these days, so it may be worth shopping around to see what else is out there.

,   from UK,  

I don’t usually like cargo pants but I saw these and something about them stuck out to me. I don’t know if I’m quite ready to start wearing cargo pants on a regular basis but if I do buy another pair it will most likely be these.

,   from Alabama,  

Ever since I got these pants I’ve been wearing them every chance I get. They are extremely comfortable and they are just as appropriate for a day at the beach as they are for going to the mall. I also like the special zipper these ones have even though it was kind of hard to figure out to get open at first.

,   from Malibu,  

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