Molecule Sizeups Cargo Pants

    Molecule Sizeups Cargo Pants

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    When you need Plus-size cargo pants with great style and function. Long asked-for, these are now available and are rapidly heading to be one of our most popular models. Folk who had our Sizeups Cargo Shorts were pointing out that it is not always summertime - we hear ya, and here is the result. These extra-large pants work great for casual and workwear, with our four most popular colors lining up to keep you looking good, whatever the occasion. Stand up Big and Tall with these cargo pants.
    • Functional, Multiple, Big Pockets
    • Machine Washable, Tumble dry Friendly
    • Double stiched seams for strength
    • Hidden external pocket for safety
    • Button-close bellow cargo pockets - durable and strong
    • Classic Molecule Logo
    • Metal-zippered Cargo Slash Pocket for Ultimate Security
    • Thick Cotton Internal Waist Adjusting Cords
    • Leg-bottom tie : pop-button style
    • Brass logo button
    • Strong metal zip fly, with fabric comfort-pull
    These are also available in regular waist sizes, with more color options, as our Classic Cargo pants.
    We also have plus-size cargo shorts : Sizeups Cargo Shorts.
    • 2XL
      • Waist 40"
      • Flatbelt 20.5"
      • Outseam 44"
      • Inseam 33"
    • 3XL
      • Waist 42"
      • Flatbelt 21.5"
      • Outseam 46"
      • Inseam 34.5"
    • 4XL
      • Waist 44"
      • Flatbelt 22.5"
      • Outseam 46.5"
      • Inseam 35"
    • 5XL
      • Waist 46"
      • Flatbelt 23.5"
      • Outseam 46.5"
      • Inseam 35"
    • 6XL
      • Waist 48"
      • Flatbelt 24.5"
      • Outseam 47"
      • Inseam 35.5"
    •   C1 - Coal Black
    •   C2 - Desert Khaki Cream
    •   C3 - Sunset Shadow Grey
    •   C4 - Field Green
    •   C5 - Euro Woodland Camo
    •   C20 - Splotchy Camo
    •   C22 - Digital Desert Camo
    • 52008Product ID#
    • Heavy cotton
      Camo patterns are slightly heavier
    • BaggyFit
    • Men's / UnisexCut
    • MoleculeBranding
    • 1.1 kgApprox weight

    Customer Reviews

    Molecule Sizeups Cargo PantsDo you own this? Help others by reviewing it

    I just received my new cargo pants and they are absolutely awesome!! I purchased three pairs and I must say that after I write this review I will be purchasing three pairs of cargo shorts as well!!
    First of all let me say that these are the most well made cargo pants that I have ever owned..The stitching is phenomenal..The cotton is sturdy yet so comfortable...The zippers and snaps are rugged and built to last...The length on these cargos is perfect..I am 6'4 inches and the fit is great!! I am a slim guy so the pants drape really well..I highly recommend these cargo pants as you will most likely never find cargo pants that match the comfort, style and workmanship as the Molecule Cargo Pants..
    I was also quite pleased that the company kept me fully aware of the status of my order..I got an email every step of the way...My pants, all three pairs arrived in a little over a week..The packaging was flawless..I live in Seattle Washington so I was amazed at how soon the pants arrived...
    I am a very trendy fashion conscious kind of guy and I shop quite a lot..I have never been more satisfied with the overall experience than the one I had with Molecule Clothing...

    ,   from Seattle, Washington,  

    These are the best pants i have bought in a long time. I've always been a fan of Molecule Clothing since i seen their Shorts in PhiPhi. I ordered these and boy do they fit well. I'm 6'4(193cm) and they are super long. When i go back to Thailand I'll be grabbing a few more pairs fo sho!

    ,   from Edmonton Alberta Canada,  

    These are the best Cargo pants on the market.

    ,   from Scotland,  

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