Molecule Shiny Happy Canvas Belt

    Molecule Shiny Happy Canvas Belt

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    Shiny Happy Fellow Moleculers, this is the Happy Belt for you and your buds. Never look a dark horse in the eye (?) cos they'll see gold in them there buckles and come running. Eye contact will only encourage them. Fend them off with the reflections.
    • 46" Long, 1.5" Wide
    • Quick Release
    • Awesome look
    • Solid Design
    • Goes great with a pair of Molecule Trousers or Shorts
    Metal and fabric strap strong construction – tighten up your life.
    • Black  BC1 - Black
    • Khaki Cream  BC2 - Khaki Cream
    • Green  BC4 - Green
    • Hazard Orange  BC12 - Hazard Orange
    • Purple Rain  BC30 - Purple Rain
    • BEM003Product ID#
    • Men's / UnisexCut
    • MoleculeBranding
    • 0.2 kgApprox weight

    Customer Reviews

    Molecule Shiny Happy Canvas BeltDo you own this? Help others by reviewing it

    This is a really great belt because it really stands out. I like to wear it with my shirt tucked into the front of my pants so that everyone can see the gold part. I got the purple rain one which I was originally skeptical about the color of but haven’t ever regretted that decision.

    ,   from Ottawa, Canada,  

    A friend gave me this belt as a gift and originally I couldn’t imagine wearing a belt with a gold colored buckle but it has quickly become my favorite belt.

    ,   from OH, USA,  

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