Molecule Reflections Canvas Buckle Belt

Molecule Reflections Canvas Buckle Belt

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Sitting on the deck, looking out to sea, watch the reflections from the waves bounce off this shiny number. Equally good reflecting lazers and attracting looks later on in the night as well.
  • 46" Long, 1.5" Wide
  • Quick Release
  • Awesome look
  • Solid Design
  • Goes great with a pair of Molecule Trousers or Shorts
Metal and fabric strap construction – no time to reflect, stick this in your wardrobe today!
  • Black  BC1 - Black
  • Khaki Cream  BC2 - Khaki Cream
  • Green  BC4 - Green
  • Hazard Orange  BC12 - Hazard Orange
  • Purple Rain  BC30 - Purple Rain
  • BEM004Product ID#
  • Men's / UnisexCut
  • MoleculeBranding
  • 0.2 kgApprox weight

Customer Reviews

Molecule Reflections Canvas Buckle BeltDo you own this? Help others by reviewing it

I had another style of belt just like this but it had a matte black buckle and I was looking for something a little more flashy. This one fits and feels exactly the same and is just as comfortable but has the flashy belt buckle that I’ve been looking for.

,   from Cali,  

I find the quality of a lot of belts in this style to be very poor but not this one. I have definitely put it through its paces as well and it is still going strong. Can’t say that I have any complaints about it whatsoever.

,   from Germany,  

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