Molecule Men's Cargo Pants

Trust Molecule quality to give you great-looking mens cargo pants that you know will last. Made from cotton. Built to last. These are made from tough cotton and strong buttons & zips - you'll trust them from the minute you put them on.

Need some Cargo Pants for men? Stop looking - you're here.

Cargo pants have become a staple in men’s fashion and never seem to go out of style. Men’s cargo pants (like our Khaki pants) are really versatile - there's almost no occasion they can’t be worn in, just adjust the other parts of your get-up to make them fit.

Our cargo pants for men allow you to look good while at the same time still feeling that rough and tough feeling of wearing a pair of jeans. The durability of our cargo pants is world-leading, and with a huge range you could literally make your whole wardrobe full of nothing but these pants and go weeks without wearing the same pair twice. Get a pair on you now and get ready to live!