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Molecule Cargo Pants

Molecule Men's and Women's Cargo Pants - buy high quality Molecule Trousers direct from the manufacturer. These are high-quality pants, they will last for a long time, taking whatever you throw at them and some. Featuring design features like Double-Strong Stitching and Zip Slash Pockets, these feel good to wear and look great.

Molecule Men's and Women's Cargo Pants

You aren't going to find anything more comfortable or stylishly diverse than Molecule's Cargo Pants for Men and Cargo Pants for Women. Made with super comfortable and sturdy cotton and double stitched, Molecule's features an array of cargo pockets, waist and bottom ties, and awesome extras like hidden pockets and tie pops, you'll be ready for any of life's amazing adventures. The more solid colors on these cargo pants are handy for keeping a casual look available – just in case that cute person you'll meet on the beach tomorrow is off to a party!

For security guards clothing, the green or black cargo pants are a great match. These are also great chefs cargo pants, plenty of pockets to keep yourself organised, and full-length legs to help guard against splashes and burns. The general tough quality construction in Molecule Cargo Pants makes them a great choice for work clothes, and the great thing is they actually look cool enough to party in after work. Some folk call these Combat trousers or Combat pants - either way our solidly-built cargo pants will keep you solid for a long time.