Molecule Mens Canvas Quick-Release Belt

Molecule Mens Canvas Quick-Release Belt

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Solid canvas construction, quick-release metal buckle.
  • 40" Long, 1.5" Wide
  • Quick Release
  • Awesome look
  • Solid Design
  • Goes great with a pair of Molecule Trousers or Shorts
Keep your clothes on, and get them off, with style.
  • Khaki Cream  BC2 - Khaki Cream
  • Green  BC4 - Green
  • Euro Woodland Camo  BC5 - Euro Woodland Camo
  • Desert Camo  BC6 - Desert Camo
  • Blue  BC13 - Blue
  • BEM001Product ID#
  • Women'sCut
  • MoleculeBranding
  • 0.2 kgApprox weight

Customer Reviews

Molecule Mens Canvas Quick-Release BeltDo you own this? Help others by reviewing it

I really like this type of nylon belt but usually they come with the clasp that comes loose so easily as you wear it throughout the day. The way this clasp is built helps it to stay tight and keeps my pants up all day long.

,   from PA,  

This is the best belt I have ever owned! I can’t stand wearing leather belts because they are too stiff and most belts in this style come loose in the middle of the day. This one holds tight all day long just like the way that I tighten it in the morning. I would recommend this belt to anyone.

,   from The Bay,  

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