Molecule Keep-it-safe Lanyard

Molecule Keep-it-safe Lanyard

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Solidly built out of canvas and plastic.
  • Keep handy your ID card, keys, phone
  • Way more stylish than the standard-issue office or event lanyard
  • With clips for ID cards & keys
  • Quick-release hook
style it up and keep your phone, pass, whatever, close to you.
  • Red on Black  RB - Red on Black
  • White on Black  WB - White on Black
  • White on Red  WR - White on Red
  • White on Green  WG - White on Green
  • Red on Khaki Cream  RC - Red on Khaki Cream
  • LY001Product ID#
  • UnisexCut
  • MoleculeBranding
  • 0.1 kgApprox weight

Customer Reviews

Molecule Keep-it-safe LanyardDo you own this? Help others by reviewing it

I’m always losing my keys even in my own pocket but I’ve never come across a lanyard that people like to carry around that actually looked good to me. Then I saw this one from Molecule and even though I’ve never worn any of their clothes, I liked the lanyard. Looks like I’ll have to get some shorts and shirts too soon.

,   from Franklin,  

I’m always in need of a place to keep all of my keys and probably have about 20 of these types of lanyards lying around. All of them have been sitting in a drawer though since I got this one from Molecule. It is strong, stylish, simple and just plain works.

,   from NH,  

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