Molecule Dreaming of Night Belt

Molecule Dreaming of Night Belt

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Are you one of those people for whom sunshine is a vague memory? Or just dream of the adventures to be had at night? This will set you up for random adventures – you'll be all set to tighten up and head straight from the beach to the...
  • 46" Long, 1.5" Wide
  • Quick Release
  • Awesome look
  • Solid Design
  • Goes great with a pair of Molecule Trousers or Shorts
well, where? Go, Now! Live! Metal and fabric construction just to make sure there's no last minute excuses.
  • Black  BC1 - Black
  • Khaki Cream  BC2 - Khaki Cream
  • Green  BC4 - Green
  • Hazard Orange  BC12 - Hazard Orange
  • Purple Rain  BC30 - Purple Rain
  • BEM006Product ID#
  • Men's / UnisexCut
  • MoleculeBranding
  • 0.2 kgApprox weight

Customer Reviews

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I work construction and myself and my clothes take a beating on a regular basis. All I look for in a belt is one that holds my pants up and is rugged and this belt accomplishes both of those things perfectly. I wear this one everyday and could’t imagine wearing a different belt ever again.

,   from Gold Coast,  

I always have a problem finding a belt that does what it is supposed to do – hold my pants up. I don’t know what the problem is but none of them do it very well. This one seems to hold my pants up better than any I’ve tried although don’t ask me what the difference is because I don’t know. I’m just glad that it works like a belt should.

,   from Perth, AUS,  

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